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axlAbstractNumberType Class Reference

#include <axlAbstractNumberType.h>

Inheritance diagram for axlAbstractNumberType:

Public Types

enum  Type { Int, Float, Double }

Public Slots

void setValue (double newValue)
- Public Slots inherited from axlAbstractData
void touchGeometry (void)
void touchProperty (void)
void touchStructure (void)
virtual void touchField (void)
void setColor (const QColor &color)
void setOpacity (const double &opacity)
void setSize (const double &size)
void setShader (const QString &shader)
void setEditable (bool edit)

Public Member Functions

 axlAbstractNumberType (QObject *parent=0)
 ~axlAbstractNumberType (void)
virtual QString description (void) const
virtual QString identifier (void) const
double value (void) const
axlAbstractNumberTypeoperator= (const axlAbstractNumberType &other)
QString objectType (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from axlAbstractData
 axlAbstractData (axlAbstractData *parent=NULL)
 axlAbstractData (const axlAbstractData &data)
virtual ~axlAbstractData (void)
const QColor & color (void) const
const double & opacity (void) const
const double & size (void) const
const QString & shader (void) const
const bool & editable (void)
const bool & updateView (void)
void setColor (double r, double g, double b)
void addField (axlAbstractField *field)
 Add a field to the field list of the object. More...
bool updateFieldList (QString nameField)
 Check if a field with the same name is already applied on the object. More...
QString changeFieldName (QString fieldName)
axlMeshmesh (void)
 Return the mesh of that object is computed. More...
void setMesh (axlMesh *mesh)
 Set a corresponding mesh for that object. More...
virtual QVariantList convertDataToQVariant (void) const
 Convert an axlAbstractData into a QVariantList that specifies all properties of the axlAbstractData. More...
virtual int convertQVariantToData (const QVariantList &data)
 Modify properties and geometry variables of the axlAbstractData. Return 1 if the modification was sucessfully made. Otherwise return 0. More...
void setUpdateView (bool updateView)
QList< axlAbstractField * > fields (void)


QDebug operator<< (QDebug dbg, axlAbstractNumberType line)
QDebug operator<< (QDebug dbg, axlAbstractNumberType &line)
QDebug operator<< (QDebug dbg, axlAbstractNumberType *line)

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from axlAbstractData
void modifiedGeometry (void)
void modifiedStructure (void)
void modifiedField (void)
void modifiedProperty (void)
- Properties inherited from axlAbstractData
QColor color
double opacity
double size
QString shader

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file axlAbstractNumberType.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 32 of file axlAbstractNumberType.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

axlAbstractNumberType::axlAbstractNumberType ( QObject *  parent = 0)
axlAbstractNumberType::~axlAbstractNumberType ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

virtual QString axlAbstractNumberType::description ( void  ) const
virtual QString axlAbstractNumberType::identifier ( void  ) const
QString axlAbstractNumberType::objectType ( void  ) const
axlAbstractNumberType& axlAbstractNumberType::operator= ( const axlAbstractNumberType other)
void axlAbstractNumberType::setValue ( double  newValue)
double axlAbstractNumberType::value ( void  ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

QDebug operator<< ( QDebug  dbg,
axlAbstractNumberType  line 
QDebug operator<< ( QDebug  dbg,
axlAbstractNumberType line 
QDebug operator<< ( QDebug  dbg,
axlAbstractNumberType line 

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