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axlActorTorusObserver Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for axlActorTorusObserver:

Public Member Functions

virtual void Execute (vtkObject *caller, unsigned long event, void *)

Static Public Member Functions

static axlActorTorusObserverNew (void)

Public Attributes

vtkParametricFunctionSource * observerData_torusSource
vtkParametricTorus * vtkTorus
vtkPointWidget * ringRadiusPointWidget = nullptr
vtkPointWidget * crossSectionRadiusPointWidget = nullptr
vtkLineWidget * directionLineWidget = nullptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void axlActorTorusObserver::Execute ( vtkObject *  caller,
unsigned long  event,
void *   

Definition at line 61 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

static axlActorTorusObserver* axlActorTorusObserver::New ( void  )

Definition at line 57 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

axlInteractorStyleSwitch* axlActorTorusObserver::axlInteractorStyle

Definition at line 177 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

vtkPointWidget* axlActorTorusObserver::crossSectionRadiusPointWidget = nullptr

Definition at line 185 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

vtkLineWidget* axlActorTorusObserver::directionLineWidget = nullptr

Definition at line 186 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

axlTorus* axlActorTorusObserver::observerData_torus

Definition at line 179 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

vtkParametricFunctionSource* axlActorTorusObserver::observerData_torusSource

Definition at line 181 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

axlActorTorus* axlActorTorusObserver::observerDataAssembly

Definition at line 180 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

vtkPointWidget* axlActorTorusObserver::ringRadiusPointWidget = nullptr

Definition at line 184 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

vtkParametricTorus* axlActorTorusObserver::vtkTorus

Definition at line 182 of file axlActorTorus.cpp.

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