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axlViewDefault Class Reference

#include <axlViewDefault.h>

Inheritance diagram for axlViewDefault:

Public Member Functions

 axlViewDefault (void)
 ~axlViewDefault (void)
QWidget * widget (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from axlAbstractView
 axlAbstractView (void)
virtual ~axlAbstractView (void)
virtual axlAbstractActorinsert (axlAbstractData *data)
virtual QList< axlAbstractActor * > insertSet (QList< axlAbstractData * > dataSet)
virtual void removeSet (QList< axlAbstractActor * > actorSet)
virtual void removeSetFields (QList< axlAbstractActorField * > actorSet)
virtual axlAbstractActoractor (dtkAbstractData *data)
virtual void insert (dtkAbstractData *data, axlAbstractActor *actor)
virtual void removeData (dtkAbstractData *data)
virtual void removeField (dtkAbstractData *data)
virtual void activeDefaultLigh (bool useDefaultLight)
virtual void setLight (int i, bool hide, double *position, double *ambiant, double *diffuse, double *specular, int exponent)
virtual int size (void)
virtual QString description (void) const
axlViewControllercontroller (void)
virtual void setCameraViewDefaut (void)
virtual void setCameraViewNegativeX (void)
virtual void setCameraViewPositiveX (void)
virtual void setCameraViewNegativeY (void)
virtual void setCameraViewPositiveY (void)
virtual void setCameraViewNegativeZ (void)
virtual void setCameraViewPositiveZ (void)
virtual void setParallelCamera (bool parallel)
virtual void setCameraPosition (double x, double y, double z)
virtual double * getCameraFocalPoint (void)
virtual void setCameraFocalPoint (double x, double y, double z)
virtual double * getCameraUp (void)
virtual void setCameraUp (double x, double y, double z)
virtual double getCameraViewAngle (void)
virtual void setCameraViewAngle (double angle)
virtual double * getWorldCameraPosition (void)
virtual bool getAxesVisibility (void)
virtual bool getParallelProjection (void)
virtual bool getBackgroundGradient (void)
virtual void setParallelScale (double parallelScale)
virtual double getParallelScale (void)
virtual void setGrid (bool isGridX, bool isGridY, bool isGridZ)
dtkAbstractViewFactory * getSingletonFactory (void)
virtual void update (void)
virtual void add (dtkAbstractData *data)
 Use view as input to open a data in axel. More...
virtual void updateFieldActor (dtkAbstractData *data)
 Use view as input to update fields actors on a data. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from axlAbstractView
void onStateChanged (dtkAbstractData *data, int mode)
void showColorMapping (dtkAbstractData *data)
void onShaderChanged (dtkAbstractData *data, QString isophoteShaderXml)
void onControlPointChanged (dtkAbstractData *data)
void onTubeFilterRadiusChanged (dtkAbstractData *data, double radius)
void processIsophoteByShader (dtkAbstractData *data, QString isophoteShaderXml)
void dataChangedByGeometry (dtkAbstractData *data)
void dataChangedByProperty (dtkAbstractData *data, int channel)
 Modify the right property, which is defined by the channel number : More...
void dataChangedByOpacity (dtkAbstractData *data, double opacity)
void dataChangedBySize (dtkAbstractData *data, double size)
void dataChangedByColor (dtkAbstractData *data, double red, double green, double blue)
void onActorVisibilityChanged (dtkAbstractData *data, bool actorVisibility)
void ondataSetRemoved (QList< dtkAbstractData * > dataSetToRemoved)
void onLightPositionChanged (double x, double y, double z)
void onGridResolutionChanged (int resolution)
virtual void onUpdateActorField (QList< axlAbstractData * > axlDataSet, QString fieldName)
void onInterpolationChanded (dtkAbstractData *data, int interpolation)
virtual void onShowAxis (bool show)
virtual void onBackgroundGradientChange (bool gradient)
virtual void setWorldCamera (void)
virtual void setObjectCamera (void)
virtual void setTrackballInteractor (void)
virtual void setJoystickInteractor (void)
virtual double * getBackgroundColor (void)
- Signals inherited from axlAbstractView
void inserted (void)
void stateChanged (dtkAbstractData *data, int mode)
void lightPositionChanged (double x, double y, double z)
void insertData (axlAbstractData *data)

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

axlViewDefault::axlViewDefault ( void  )

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axlViewDefault::~axlViewDefault ( void  )

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Member Function Documentation

QWidget * axlViewDefault::widget ( void  )

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