The package allows to vizualise geometric objects with Axl. It depends on the package SemiAlgebraictypes.jl, which provides the geometric objects.

Geometric objects

The package handles the following types:


To use this package, julia needs first to be installed (see here).

The package can then be installed from Julia as follows:


This installation checks that axl is installed. If not, a warning message with instruction to install it is printed. See here more details on how to install axl.

Using Axl.jl

Here is an example with a cylinder, a cone and a mesh:

using Axl

@axl start
@axl A = point(0.,0.5,0.)
@axl B = point(0.,1.5,0.)
C = point(0.,3.5,0.)

c0 = cylinder(A,B,0.2, color=Color(255,0,0))
c1 = cone(C,B,0.7, color=Color(0,255,0))

@axl c0, c1
@axl m = mesh([[cos(i*pi/5), sin(i*pi/5), 0.0] for i in 1:10], Edge[], [[1,i,i+1] for i in 1:9], field = DirField(1.,0.,0.))

@axl view

Here is an example of the visualization of a bspline surface:

using Axl

B1 = BSplineBasis(linspace(0., 2., 4), 3)
B2 = BSplineBasis(linspace(0., 1., 3), 3)

C = Array{Float64}(3,5,4)
for i in 1:5, j in 1:4
    C[:,i,j] = [i-1,j-1,5*rand()-2.5]
s = BSplineSurface(C, B1,B2, color=Color(150,200,255))

@axlview s

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