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axlAbstractProcess Class Reference

#include <axlAbstractProcess.h>

Inheritance diagram for axlAbstractProcess:
axlAbstractCreatorProcess axlAbstractFieldGenerator axlBarycenterProcess axlIntersection axlProcessProjection axlToMesh axlCircleArcCreator axlConeCreator axlCylinderCreator axlEllipsoidCreator axlLineCreator axlPlaneCreator axlSphereCreator axlTorusCreator axlVolumeDiscreteProcessCreator axlFieldParametricCurveTangentVectorCreator axlFieldParametricNormalVectorCreator axlFieldParametricSurfaceTangentVectorCreator axlFieldParametricVolumeTangentVectorCreator axlFieldSpatialCoordinatesCreator axlFieldSpatialPointDistanceCreator

Public Member Functions

 axlAbstractProcess (void)
virtual ~axlAbstractProcess (void)
virtual void copyProcess (axlAbstractProcess *process)
virtual bool hasParameters (void)
virtual QString description (void) const
virtual QString identifier (void) const
virtual void setDescription (QString description)
virtual void setIdentifier (QString identifier)
virtual QString form (void) const
 Description of the form for the dialog with the process. More...

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

axlAbstractProcess::axlAbstractProcess ( void  )

Definition at line 35 of file axlAbstractProcess.cpp.

axlAbstractProcess::~axlAbstractProcess ( void  )

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Member Function Documentation

QString axlAbstractProcess::form ( void  ) const

Description of the form for the dialog with the process.

The string use to describe the form is formatted as follows:



  • CHANNEL is a number identifying the rank of an input, see dtkAbstractProcess. Write this value only if the process method setInput uses a channel in its parameters !
  • TYPE is either int, double or data.
  • LABEL is the input's name.

Here is an example of such a declaration:

QString form(void) const
return QString(
" INPUT:0 data StartPoint \n"
" INPUT:1 data EndPoint \n"
" PARAMETER:0 double Radius \n"
" OUTPUT Cylinder ");

Reimplemented in axlVolumeDiscreteProcessCreator, axlIntersection, axlToMesh, axlBarycenterProcess, axlFieldSpatialCoordinatesCreator, axlFieldSpatialPointDistanceCreator, axlFieldParametricSurfaceTangentVectorCreator, axlFieldParametricVolumeTangentVectorCreator, axlFieldParametricNormalVectorCreator, and axlFieldParametricCurveTangentVectorCreator.

Definition at line 107 of file axlAbstractProcess.cpp.

bool axlAbstractProcess::hasParameters ( void  )

returns true if the process needs parameters. By default, equals false.

Reimplemented in axlVolumeDiscreteProcessCreator, axlCircleArcCreator, axlTorusCreator, axlConeCreator, axlCylinderCreator, axlEllipsoidCreator, axlLineCreator, axlPlaneCreator, axlProcessProjection, and axlSphereCreator.

Definition at line 77 of file axlAbstractProcess.cpp.

void axlAbstractProcess::setDescription ( QString  description)

Definition at line 57 of file axlAbstractProcess.cpp.

void axlAbstractProcess::setIdentifier ( QString  identifier)

Definition at line 62 of file axlAbstractProcess.cpp.

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